DMD compilation speed

Daniel Murphy via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Mon Mar 30 21:56:13 PDT 2015

"w0rp"  wrote in message news:leajtjgremulowqoxqpc at

> I sometimes think DMD's memory should be... garbage collected. I used the 
> forbidden phrase!
> Seriously though, allocating a bunch of memory until you hit some maximum 
> threshold, possibly configured, and freeing unreferenced memory at that 
> point, pausing compilation while that happens? This is GC. I wonder if 
> someone enterprising enough would be willing to try it out with DDMD by 
> swapping malloc calls with calls to D's GC or something.

I've used D's GC with DDMD.  It works*, but you're trading better memory 
usage for worse allocation speed.  It's quite possible we could add a switch 
to ddmd to enable the GC.

* Well actually it currently segfaults, but not because of anything 
fundamentally wrong with the approach.

After switching to DDMD we will have a HUGE number of options readily 
available for reducing memory usage, such as using allocation-free range 
code and enabling the GC. 

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