D as System Language

w0rp via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Tue Mar 31 00:42:41 PDT 2015

A guy, Michael V. Franklin, discussed this kind of D programming 
a bit at DConf 2014.


If you're getting into this kind of thing, it's a must see. With 
some Googling, I found his minimal D runtime, too.


I might take his work and Adam's work and make something myself. 
I'm currently in the middle of trying to get a D program to run 
on a Pebble watch, and I know this kind of runtime replacement 
stuff is coming.

One thing I would like to see is a minimal runtime with version 
blocks. So you can introduce only parts of the runtime that you 
want, make parts of the runtime do different things, or turn 
parts of the runtime off so you can provide your own 
implementation specific to the machine you're working with.

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