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Fri May 22 07:18:04 PDT 2015

On Friday, 22 May 2015 at 10:21:18 UTC, Chris wrote:
> I was recently thinking that D is a bit like climbing up a hill 
> or a mountain. For the most part you are focused on reaching 
> the top, yet every once in a while it's good to stop and turn 
> around to enjoy the scenery and see how far you've come. So 
> here is what I see:
> - LDC/GDC: easy to download and use. Nicely packaged.
> - DUB: great tool for project management
> - DVM: great tool for upgrading from D to D.
> - Phobos: has become quite a useful library. Ranges are an 
> important part of data processing, I don't wanna miss 'em 
> anymore
> - vibe.d: a web server in D.
> - Projects in D: LuaD, PyD etc etc.
> - the expertise that's involved
> [add anything you like]
> Mind you, this has been achieved without millions of dollars 
> and corporate backing and yet D is a real language with real 
> applications (only nobody talks about it). I know, there is 
> still a steep climb ahead of D, but let's enjoy the view for a 
> while. What has been achieved is by no means trivial.

Fully agreed, D is an interesting phenomena that makes everyone 
of my days happier :)

Now, can we have OSX shared libraries please? :O

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