should fixedpoint be in phobos? project registry ?

Laeeth Isharc via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Wed Nov 4 04:30:23 PST 2015

Point came up in a discussion in the learn group that fixedpoint 
arithmetic would be quite useful, especially in the financial 
domain.  There does exist a github library for this - it looked 
reasonably thought-through, but I haven't used it as when I tried 
it didn't compile with the version of dmd I was using.

Sadly, I'm not in a position either to write it myself, or to 
have the code written and open-sourced for the foreseeable 
future, as it's not yet something I need, although might be later.

More generally, does it make sense to have a suggested project 
registry for those who would like to contribute to Phobos and 
have the skill to do so but aren't sure what to work on ?  
Projects could be added after discussion and approval.

At the very least, it surely must make sense to have some kind of 
place for that to avoid duplication of effort (something that has 
happened before).  Maybe a way for people to find each other 
outside forums (since people don't always see messages involved 
in the community participates actively on forums).


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