Our template emission strategy is broken

Martin Nowak via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Wed Nov 11 18:13:03 PST 2015

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015 at 17:19:31 UTC, David Nadlinger 
> Yes, there is a single cyclic inter-package dependency hidden
> somewhere deep inside the dependency graph, but getting rid
> of it after the fact would  have either required re-structuring
> large parts of a ˜10^5 LOC code base, or would have again
> involved creating logical

Understood. FWIW it'd be more of a help to dig down and fix that 
particular bug sooner rather than going back to come up with a 
new template emission design.

Cross-Posting my Bugzilla comment here.

This seems to be a case where the second rule of this issue 14431 
fix doesn't work.

> If a template is instantiated in non-root module, compiler 
> usually does not have to put it in object file. But if a 
> template is instantiated in both of root and non-root modules 
> which mutually import each other, it needs to placed in objfile.


In both of the compilations there is a root and a non-root module 
instantiating bar!5. Now unfortunately the compiler decides both 
times that the non-root module should do it.
This problem would be solved by my proposal to define a global 
order for who is responsible to instantiate a template, by 
choosing the module with the lexicographically smaller module 

This would establish a stable order between B and C, and no 
matter how you compile them, B gets to instantiate the template.


An intermediate workaround for your problem is to use the 
-allinst switch, even though it slows down compilation a lot. You 
can also compile each module separately in which case both B and 
C get the instance (in general this is even slower than -allinst).


> packages so large that the memory inefficiencies (CTFE is the 
> biggest problem here) and run-time scaling issues (e.g. O(n^2) 
> behavior in the overall number of templates) in the front-end 
> become a problem again.

There shouldn't be anything quadratic left for template 
instantiation in the frontend.

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