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> On 11/11/2015 4:16 PM, Iain Buclaw via Digitalmars-d wrote:
>> The main problem for seamless support is having some way to generate the
>> typeinfo in D to allow work across boundaries.
> I suspect that is unnecessary.
> The whole point of D's C++ interface is to interface with C++ code.
Defining C++ classes in D code that does not link to any C++ code that also
defines those classes won't be supported. I.e. we can reply on the C++ code
generating the necessary C++ typeinfo. The generated D code only has to
link to it, i.e. generate an extern reference to the name of the typeinfo.

It is a small concern to me that C++ catch handlers work by calling some
support library code, If I recall correctly both at the start and end of
the handler.  These calls may change the state of C++'s language specific
unwind library, such as adjust any reference counters, mark the thrown
object as having been caught.

Maybe less of a concern now than last year.  But I do wonder what effect it
will incur on a long running program.

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