DMD is faster than LDC and GDC

Ali Çehreli via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Fri Nov 13 11:59:50 PST 2015

On 11/12/2015 11:50 AM, Ali Çehreli wrote:
> I would love to be convinced. :) Can someone come up with a reduced
> example please?
> On 11/12/2015 03:59 AM, Daniel Kozak wrote:
>  >      for (i=0; i < 1000000; ++i) {
>  >          fmttable(table);
>  >      }
> I think what we are seeing here is more due to the unused side-effect in
> the loop, where compiling with -w fails compilation:
> Warning: calling deneme.fmttable without side effects discards return
> value of type string, prepend a cast(void) if intentional
> Ali

Can someone please tell me if I am mistaken not.

Once again, I don't think this example is fast because the compiler 
reuses the return value of fmttable() in the loop. Rather, it simply 
removes the whole expression because its only side-effect is not used in 
the program.

Perhaps that's what everybody else is saying anyway. :)

(Why don't I look at the assembly myself? Going to a meeting... :p)


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