Dwarf Exception Handling question

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> On 11/23/2015 10:07 AM, Iain Buclaw via Digitalmars-d wrote:
>> Yes, the _d_dynamic_cast is redundant.  This happened because the EH
>> pointer was
>> treated as an Object, then upcasted to the catch type via the normal
>> convert()
>> routines.  This is what caused the unnecessary call to _d_dynamic_cast.
>> This switch statement is generated by GCC itself, and it tries to be
>> accommodating for all supported languages.  I imagine that the default
>> case is
>> there to support `catch(...)` in C++ code, however D has no notion of this
>> construct, so what is instead generated is _Unwind_Resume to tell unwind
>> to keep
>> looking up the call chain.
>> In other words, the default case should never really happen in D code
>> except in
>> the event of a logic bug in the unwind EH personality function (or
>> possibly
>> corruption). If you feel it more appropriate, I don't see the harm in
>> replacing
>> it with whatever HLT or abort instruction you like. :-)
> Thanks, this helps a lot, and makes me a lot more comfortable with the
> notion that I understand what is going on. I won't generate the cast, then,
> and I'll use a HLT for the default.
> BTW, are you working on supporting catching std::exception ?
> My eevil plan is to get D exceptions working completely before trying to
> support std::exception.

Actively?  No.  First comes 2.067, which will have to be updated *as is*
without the visitor conversions.

I will need to adjust *my* personality function to be more graceful for
handling foreign exceptions.  After that, I can look into C++ typeinfo
mangling.  It's just normal C++ mangling with a _ZT prefix, no? :-)

Also, I notice that you are using an older version of GDC.  That version
you're using doesn't support exception chaining.  To get that working I had
to invent a callback __gdc_begin_catch() which cleans up the chained
exceptions list.
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