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Mon Nov 23 13:13:15 PST 2015

On Monday, 23 November 2015 at 20:21:37 UTC, Chris Wright wrote:
>>>> I'm not always politically correct
>>> Most of the time, "politically correct" means being 
>>> respectful to others, except the speaker intends to indicate 
>>> that that is a bad thing.
>> Political correctness tries to censor the free expression of 
>> thoughts and has nothing to do with being respectful or not. 
>> Being politically correct means to censor one's own thoughts 
>> out of fear of being told off.
> This is your line of objection when I asked you to be 
> respectful toward people who might want to learn D.

Have I ever been disrespectful toward people who want to learn D? 
Have I ever told people not to learn D? Where did you get that 
idea? Seriously, where?

I merely objected to comparing (domain specific) scripting 
languages like JS and PHP to D and I gave my reasons for it in 
one of my posts. I strongly warn against drawing conclusions from 
JS's and PHP's success story for D and how to market it. D will 
never gain traction in the same way and for the same reasons JS 
and PHP gained traction in the late 90ies. Please try to think 
about the points I made instead of feeling offended, because you 
may happen to use PHP or JS or both (or know someone who does).

> Normal people are polite and respectful out of common human 
> decency. Does this sometimes mean not uttering everything that 
> passes through your head? Of course. But the motivation comes 
> from wanting to work well with others and even from caring 
> about other people. Not fear of being told off.

Only, I wasn't talking about people. What does bashing a language 
have to do with lack of respect? Bashing languages is normal in 
the programming world and it does not equal bashing the _users_ 
of the language in question, which I fear you believe. I too have 
to use JS, out of necessity, and PHP for that matter. Using 
mediocre, messy or unspectacular languages doesn't mean you're an 

> Does this not work for you?

Oh please. Do you want to shame me? Really? Will not work. 

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