50% inative

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Wed Nov 25 14:07:10 PST 2015

On Wednesday, 25 November 2015 at 08:41:05 UTC, Iain Buclaw wrote:
> On 24 November 2015 at 19:04, duff via Digitalmars-d < 
> digitalmars-d at puremagic.com> wrote:
> If members wish to leave, they may request to do so.  Ousting 
> people is not an acceptable attitude towards any member in our 
> community, long standing or not.
> I am aware of some of whom you've chosen to be vocal about have 
> been around or contributing for 10 years, whilst others are 
> active but do so under a work-related github account.
> All attended Dconf, most on a yearly basis, where were you?

don't feed the trolls :-)

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