Pathing in the D ecosystem is generally broken (at least on windows)

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> On 09/26/15 13:10, Walter Bright via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> > On 9/26/2015 1:21 AM, Manu via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> >>> I'll leave that to the GDC and LDC teams.
> >>
> >> And right there is the problem as I see it, summarised in one sentence
> >>
> >> If you take the D ecosystem as aggregate, these issues are just as
> >> much issues for the core dev team as they are for these couple of guys
> >> with a distinctly unfair burden.
> >
> > Everything is unfair, but the idea behind having 3 compilers is there
is no one right way to make a compiler. Me telling the LDC and GDC teams
what to do and trying to be their manager is inappropriate.
> I'm pretty sure what was meant was more (tri-directional) coordination,
> not management.

The only coordination in place is that upstream DMD codebase must never
break GDC or LDC's ability to build it and pass the testsuite.

For the time being this is enough.  As for common codebase, we are in a
state of divulging further apart for the first time in a while, but I don't
see it as my role to keep tabs on every change upstream does.  And there
are already some horrible things that need sorting out (or that need
reapplying because they've vanished in the D implementation) but not worth
my efforts until it comes to switching proper.

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