D forbearance(Official backing of libs)

Jason Jeffory via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Fri Jan 1 16:20:37 PST 2016

I think maybe one of the problems with D is that there seems to 
be no focused backing of official d libs that are required to 
create apps.

e.g., GUI, Audio, Graphics, etc...

If the D community could decide to officially support(with a 
distinct web page for such things) such libraries, real progress 
might be made.

So much work is done on the compiler itself but most of the 
actually things required to make real world use of the compiler 
are neglected, It's left up to individuals to do the work and 
make all the choices.

But there is a different mentality that happens when it's 
"Official". Others are more willing to support, develop, and use 

Is this at all possible in the D community?

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