D Cross Platform Status + OpenGL Status ?

Adam D. Ruppe via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Sun Jan 10 06:19:28 PST 2016

On Saturday, 9 January 2016 at 19:43:03 UTC, Jakob Jenkov wrote:
> What is the status of cross compiling D to multiple platforms? 
> I know it is possible, but how easy is it? How many issues do 
> you have to mess with on different platforms?

The desktop ones are easy. ARM linux isn't to bad (use gdc or 
ldc). Android, iOS are in the works and have some support.

idk about Windows Phone, but I plan to take a look soonish.

> And what about OpenGL support? Is that easy? And does it work 
> easily across platforms?

You can call opengl functions the same as C.

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