GDC 6.1 / 2.067 (was LDC 0.17.0-beta1 has been released!)

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> On Monday, 18 January 2016 at 15:47:07 UTC, Manu wrote:
>> Love your work guys! Thanks for keeping at it.
>> One question though, what's the plan for moving to DMD latest? Both
>> LDC and GDC seem to be quite behind at the moment.
>> My current project is depending on bug-fixes patched in by Walter in
>> the last few days, so I'm stuck with DMD for the moment.
> GDC 2.067 is getting close:

You are much better off following progress here.

I'd also say getting close is a bit optimistic.  Well, nearly there in
supporting 2.067 proper (as far as the testsuite says, at least), just
missing the tens of thousands of lines of refactoring.  :-)
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