[dlang.org] Let's talk about the logo

anonymous via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Thu Jan 21 15:46:26 PST 2016

The logo is repeatedly being called out as a weak spot of the D brand. 
But so far Walter has been adamant about keeping it the way it is.

I agree with him that changing it to a completely different one would 
probably not be a good move, losing whatever brand recognition we have. 
But I think we should adapt the logo to the needs at hand.

It's obvious to me that the D and the moons (the two circles to the 
upper right of the D) make the recognizable core of the logo. I know 
that others see it the same way. That means, the D and the moons should 
be kept intact. Their shapes and positions should not change.

However, I believe we can take away a lot of the decorations of the 
current logo, and it will still be recognized immediately as the same brand.

Here's a little progression of simplifications, in the context of dlang.org:


The first one is the current logo. The last one shows just the core 
shape (D + moons), of course.

I'm not nearly the first one to do this, but I'd like to propose 
adopting the core shape as the official logo. Then specify some specific 
shade of red as the official brand color. (We're using #B03931 on 

We could provide multiple variants of the logo for different use cases, 
and with varying levels of decoration:

* Core shape in different color combinations (black one white, red on 
white, white on red).
* Versions that include the background arc (I'm interpreting that as 
Mars), possibly in different colors.
* The full version with border and shadow. I.e. the current logo with 
adjusted colors, and maybe some details changed, like number of borders 
or amount of shininess.

For dlang.org, I'd choose the version with the wide background arc. I 
think it looks nice on the menu bar, and it puts a little more emphasis 
there than just the core shape. But just the core shape looks fine, too.

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