Andrei's list of barriers to D adoption

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>> funny thing: those "financial sector" most of the time doesn't 
>> give anything back. adding special decimal type complicating 
>> the compiler and all backends. i myself never needed that for 
>> my whole lifetime (and this is more than two decades of 
>> programming, in various free and commercial projects).
> Financial organizations generally want all their language 
> infrastructure for free (GCC, Python, Eclipse) anything they 
> write themselves is treated as asset and so theirs not for 
> anyone else.
> Show them PyPy is 30x faster than CPython for their use case 
> but needs £50,000 to be production ready, and they carry on 
> using CPython. (And waste millions of £s in staff time waiting 
> for Python codes to finish.)
>> i'd say: "you want it? DIY or GTFO."
> That leads to them using Java, Scala, C++, C# and Python. Which 
> they do.

I only know a certain portion of that world, but for example Jane 
Street has done quite a lot for Ocaml, Bloomberg has released 
some useful things including for languages, Morgan Stanley has 
supported Scala, I have supported in a small way some things for 
D and will be releasing a working Bloomberg API soon.  Don't look 
for innovation to come from the banks because they have had other 
things to deal with, but even there there is the beginning of a 
broader change in mindset.

EMSI are in econ not quite finance and they released containers.

Finance is just one more industry, but it's quite a pragmatic one 
and still has a decent share of global IT spending.

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