good RPC framework for D?

jasonsalex via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Wed Aug 9 02:08:37 PDT 2017

On Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 01:01:34 UTC, Timothee Cour wrote:
> Is there a good RPC framework for D?
> requirements:
> * efficient (no json/xml)
> * supports at least sending/receiving raw bytes
> I tried msgpack-rpc but it seems abandonned (last commit 2 y 
> ago) and this issue makes it unusable: 
> for 
> messages of length >= 4090 bytes.
> I would love to have a GRPC work with D but couldn't find a 
> package for it.
> Is there at least a reliable solution that sends raw bytes ? 
> than I can for eg wrap protobufs or other serialized formats 
> via serialization/deserialization.
> Additional requirements: supports streaming data (either input 
> or
> output or both), and timeouts.

KissRPC For Flatbuffer :

kiss-rpc-flatbuffer features:

Lightweight and easy to use. There are two ways to support IDL 
and manually write protocols. Analog function call, more in line 
with the RPC remote call logic, simple, transparent.

Easy to change, easy to use, existing code can be used directly

The data format supports downward compatibility and uses the 
flatbuffer protocol, with better compatibility and faster speed.

Support multi valued return feature, support timeout mechanism, 
analog grpc, thrift, Dubbo fast several times or even dozens of 

Support snappy compression algorithm, compression speed, superior 

Support pipeline data compression, dynamic data compression, 
request data compression, flexible use of a wide range of 

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