CTFE Status 2

Stefan Koch via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Thu Feb 16 13:05:51 PST 2017

Hi Guys, due to the old CTFE status thread getting to page 30, I 
am now starting a new one.

First let me summerize which features are currently working:
In order of date, the latest features come first.

- fixed continue and break for DoWhileStatements
- non-toplevel Function Pointers as arguments
- basic function pointers
--- phobos, druntime & dmd unit-tests pass ----
- Method Calls (now range foreach will work)
- 1-level Pointers
- recursive function calls
- fixed continue and break for ForStatements (includes foreach 
which is lowered)
- basic Function Calls
- static immutable globals
- fixed continue & break for WhileStatemens
- 1d array literals
- ternary expressions ? :
- struct literals.
- basic struct support.
- Slice and Array boundschecks
- 1d array and slice indexing
- do while statements
- break and continue support
- gotos and labels
- foreach over arrays
- for statements
- integer math
.... (and I few a forgot to list)

unsupported features are
- anything with strings (due to missing unicode handling)
- slicing & concat (due to missing memeory-manager)
- floating point math
- classes (due to missing vtbl and ref support)
- exceptions (due to missing stack-unwinding support and 
side-band channels)
- more complex structs i.e. with struct-members (due to 
incomplete type-handling)

Currently I am having trouble caused by a bug in dmds inliner 
that only happens on when dmd is compiled as a 32bit executable 
until I have  isolated / fixed this development is slowed down.

I hope this thread is informative and will continue to be that 

Stefan (aka UplinkCoder)

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