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> 30-year-old typographical infelicities like 'grep'.)

Surely typing grep is far easier than get_regular_expression_print
> Curious to see what you come up with.  AIUI, git is already providing
> the 'porcelain' interface by default, so we see today is already far
> better than what Linus used to use. (I dread to imagine how one might
> use git back then!  I'll bet it's like piloting an airplane by coding
> in
> machine language in real-time. :-P)  Let's see if you can come up
> with
> something even better! ;-)   (Though I'll admit it may be easier than
> it
> sounds. But still... the only sane way to use git is to understand
> its
> innards -- y'know, all that DAG stuff -- 'cos it simply doesn't make
> any
> sense otherwise.)

Despite 10 years of trying to make things better the Git command line
is still dreadful and the perpetrators should apologies to the world.
Sadly Mercurial and Bazaar have lost (thought they are still used), and
Git is the winner. Programmers just have to use Git. Despite being crap
the Git command line can just about be mastered enough to be used, and
programmers should just do that.

Blogs showing cute tricks with Git, or anything involving ^^^^^^^HEAD
should be totally ignored by all right thinking people. The trick is to
use the simple stuff, use it well, and ignore all the tricks, and all
the people getting high on cute tricks.

But I rant.

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