Why don't you advertise more your language on Quora etc ?

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> IMHO, what really matters to a developer experimenting a new 
> language are :
> - Is the new language easy to learn ? How long will it take me to 
> become productive with it ?
> - Is it really worth the effort ? How will it help me in getting 
> the job done ?

And what is the tooling and workflow? We are now living in the post-
VIM/post-Emacs era. If there isn't a JetBrain IDE or plugin to an IDE
for a language, you are in losing territory for big take up: without an
IDE (JetBrains is just the current main example) the language is
destined to be a niche or small community one.

I will elide the rant on this to avoid being accused of being

> D is easier to learn, it's *both* more programmer-friendly 
> (arrays, maps, slices, foreach loops, references types, 
> closures), less verbose and more complete (templates, etc) than 
> similar mainstream languages.
> Basically you just have to learn some sort of curated C++/Java 
> mix.
> And in return you enjoy the *expressivity and productivity* of a 
> scripting-language like Javascript *without sacrifying 
> performance or safety*.
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