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On 2017-09-02 21:27:58 +0000, Moritz Maxeiner said:

> Thanks for your post about Rebol, I didn't know it before.

As said, the official Rebol-2 version is a dead-end. Even our main 
product is still based on it :-) 15 years old technology, but still 
working and we know all problemes. So very few surprises. And, it's 
very productive.

There exists a half-done official Rebol-3 version as open-source. It 
was picked up by some and continued. And than there is a thing called 
Red, which uses a lot of ideas but compiles. Worth a look too. It's 
really cool, because it compiles native apps for Android without any 
SDK for example.

Overall, it's worth to spend some time with Rebol. I'm sure you won't 
your time back and can learn a lot. Things to look at: VIEW (GUI), 
PARSE (for parsing) and after this using PARSE to create DSL with 
Rebol. Very cool feature.

> After reading through the series chaper, though, AFAICT Rebol series 
> *are* iterators (begin+end), just with really nice, functional (read: 
> LISP) syntax?

There is no difference between code & data in Rebol. And it has a very 
rich set of datatpye, IIRC about 35 native ones. And many of them are 
series, which can be operated in the same way.

>From my experience, traversing datastructures with a functional syntax 
and concept is really natural to work with. It's mostly what you would 
tell someone to do using english.

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