Going on std.regex & std.uni bug-fixing hunt

Dmitry Olshansky via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Tue Sep 5 03:50:46 PDT 2017

It's been tough time on D front for me, going down from about ~1 
week of activity during July to ~2-3 days in August.

One thing I realised is that doing a new GC is going to be a long 
Before I'm too deep down this rabbit hole I decided to first 
address the long-standing backlog of issues of std.regex and 

My burndown list for std.regex:


Should get to about 5-6 enhacements.

Same for std.uni:


This should be actually 0.

Anything not showing up on these lists will not get fixed anytime 

The starting point for std.regex:

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