C `restrict` keyword in D

Cecil Ward via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Wed Sep 6 09:56:06 PDT 2017

On Monday, 4 September 2017 at 09:15:30 UTC, ag0aep6g wrote:
> On 09/04/2017 06:10 AM, Moritz Maxeiner wrote:
> That doesn't crash at the call site, but only when the callee 
> accesses the parameter:

That's just an observation based on a detail of a particular 
compiler implementation. It's simply not true in general but 
might appear that way in a particular case. Did you inspect the 
generated code? If the entire thing has been _inlined_ and 
properly optimised as decent modern compilers most definitely all 
do _when the correct switches are used_, then looking at the code 
there is no such thing as caller and callee - it's all just a 
stream of code.

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