Should we add `a * b` for vectors?

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Sun Sep 24 15:29:41 UTC 2017

On Sunday, 24 September 2017 at 05:24:57 UTC, Manu wrote:
> On 23 September 2017 at 03:11, Ilya Yaroshenko via 
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>> Should we add `a * b` to ndslice for 1d vectors?
>> Discussion at
> I often ponder this sort of question... and while the nerdy bit 
> of my would
> love to see this, I can never get past the fact that 
> `is(typeof(a) !=
> typeof(a * b))`... I feel that's a big enough reason to put a 
> bullet in the
> idea. D has array operations, which look just like 1d ndslices, 
> also SIMD
> vectors usually implement operators, but they do element-wise 
> operation, so
> now there's a confusion.
> Consider, a generic function receives some T; if T is a slice 
> or simd, it
> does element-wise stuff, if T is an ndslice, it behaves 
> differently. That
> doesn't seem right.

Python has a dedicated matrix multiplication operator, that is 
not used by the standard library, but is implemented for e.g. 
numpy arrays.

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