Origins of the D Programming Language

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> > Over the past few months, Walter, Mike, and myself have been working
> > on a draft submission for the HOPL 2020 conference (History of
> > Programming Languages).
> >
> > The submission proceeds in several stages. Currently we've been
> > through one round of preliminary review. Here is the current draft:
> >
> >
> >
> > We'd appreciate feedback and additional historical details.
> [...]
> Lines 1049-1050: I wasn't there at the time, so this may be inaccurate,
> but I clearly remember someone mentioning that Tango has been ported to
> D2 and is quite usable, at least as of a few years ago.  But I haven't
> tried it myself, so I can't for sure whether this is actually the case.
> But it's worth checking so that the HOPL document is factually accurate.

Tango was eventually ported to D2, but it hasn't been maintained. I tried to
compile it to benchmark its XML parser against dxml when preparing my dconf
talk this year, and Tango wouldn't compile anymore.

- Jonathan M Davis

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