Make rt.util.utf publicly available

Eduard Staniloiu edi33416 at
Wed Dec 5 13:31:19 UTC 2018

On Monday, 3 December 2018 at 17:02:30 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> At the moment, I can't remember the exact reasoning behind why 
> the rt stuff is separate, but if you want to consolidate its 
> utf stuff so that Phobos can import it, then just move it into 
> core.internal.utf and have the rt stuff import it.
> That being said, this is not a simple case of druntime copying 
> Phobos or vice versa like it was with some traits. I don't know 
> how close the internals are in terms of the resultant logic 
> when operating on arrays, but std.utf's version of things is 
> very much generic, operating on ranges, not arrays 
> specifically, and it uses some stuff from Phobos (especially in 
> its tests), making consolidating the code far less 
> straightforward. So, while I don't disagree that consolidating 
> that code so that druntime and Phobos are guaranteed to use the 
> same logic for arrays is desirable, you're going to need to be 
> very careful about how you go about it if you want to make 
> Phobos depend on druntime in this case.
> - Jonathan M Davis


I'll take this course of action. The plan is to have Phobos 
import the common sub-set of functionality, that is present in 


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