The state of string interpolation

Arun Chandrasekaran aruncxy at
Fri Dec 7 02:47:01 UTC 2018

On Thursday, 6 December 2018 at 00:10:56 UTC, o wrote:
> I really wish that D had string interpolation, and I can see 
> that a ton of other people also do. String interpolation has 
> been brought up before, but it has been ignored/put down every 
> time. Jonathan Marler even created a Pull Request 
> ( to add this feature, 
> but he ended up closing it because it was getting nowhere. The 
> excuse that keeps being given for not adding this feature is 
> something along the lines of "There are ways to work around 
> this, so it is unnecessary to add it". If this is the case, 
> then why do people keep on requesting it again and again? Here 
> are just some cases of other people asking for string 
> interpolation:
> [...] was 
saddening to see.

On one hand people talk about D community not having enough man 
power + wanting to have a corporate back-up, etc. On the other 
hand... :(

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