X86_mscoff / x86_64 as default for dub projects (windows)

Rubn where at is.this
Sat Dec 8 03:09:37 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 8 December 2018 at 02:08:14 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> On Friday, December 7, 2018 3:15:30 PM MST Rubn via 
> Digitalmars-d wrote:
>> On Thursday, 6 December 2018 at 22:50:25 UTC, Basile B. wrote:
>> > On Thursday, 6 December 2018 at 17:58:17 UTC, Andre Pany 
>> > wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> This is mostly interesting for windows developers. What is 
>> >> your opinion of switching to architecture x86_mscoff or 
>> >> x86_64 as default on windows?
>> >>
>> >> To be pretty clear, you still can compile to x86 OMF by 
>> >> setting the default architecture either in settings.json or 
>> >> as command line argument. The proposal is just to set 
>> >> another default.
>> >>
>> >> This is now possible as DMD and LDC comes with lld and the 
>> >> needed libraries.
>> >>
>> >> Kind regards
>> >> Andre
>> >
>> > I'd  wish this too (i also wish DWARF info in mscoff). 
>> > Unfortunately last time i tried to built DCD using -m64 (and 
>> > MINGW stuff + LLD) the resulting PE crashed, so maybe there 
>> > are problems to fix before switching.
>> This is part of the problem, in that there are more tests run 
>> on Linux than Windows. DMD doesn't even compile it self on 
>> Windows to test. It does for linux though. Also some of the 
>> community projects are all compiled and tested on linux but 
>> not windows. That's the state it is in, the only tests that 
>> are run are the most basic ones. Can't expect DMD on Windows 
>> to be stable at all, if ever that's the way it goes though I 
>> guess. No one seems to care or thinks running tests on linux 
>> only is good enough for windows.
> The entire test suite for druntime, Phobos, and dmd has to pass 
> on all supported platforms on the auto-tester:
> https://auto-tester.puremagic.com/
> Windows is not exempt from that. So, unless there are a bunch 
> of tests in the test suite which are needlessly 
> platform-specific, Windows is getting tested just as much as 
> Linux is. Where do you get the idea that it's not?
> - Jonathan M Davis


I guess that's just another dead project, so I guess no platform 
is getting those tests anymore. Too bad, I guess that's another 
story for D, unless they moved to something else.

What you linked are just those basic tests, those tests don't do 
anything complicated like building DMD itself with the newly 
created DMD and running the tests for both to ensure a correct 
binary is produced.

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