The state of string interpolation

12345swordy alexanderheistermann at
Sat Dec 8 13:30:10 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 8 December 2018 at 12:23:28 UTC, Jacob Carlborg 
> It's quite annoying to see so many suggestions for new language 
> features and existing highly specialized features that could be 
> solved with AST macros instead of new language features.

It quite clear from walter that it will be a snowball chance in 
hell that AST macros will be accepted in the language. The AST 
macros DIP need to have overwhelming arguments and evidence in 
order to penetrate the steel fortress that is armed with 
artillery, militarily grade assault-rifles and helicopters that 
is Walter. Which from looking at the current 50dip, it does not 

Unless you are going to committed to a writing such a dip, I 
think it is safe to say AST macros will never going to be 

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