The State of the GUI

Guillaume Piolat first.last at
Tue Dec 18 17:20:44 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at 06:20:05 UTC, Adam Wilson wrote:
> The D community, for all it's wonderful attributes does not 
> have a "team" mindset. And this bears out if you audit 
> The projects are universally the herculean 
> efforts of one person, and occasionally a small number of 
> secondary contributors.
> The way I see it. We either pull together around a unified 
> vision for a UX toolkit written in D from the ground-up or we 
> wait (im)patiently for a benevolent corporate benefactor to 
> appear. It's that simple.
> I do have a vision for a non-native, WPF-like, UX toolkit 
> written entirely in D. I estimate that it will take a minimum 
> of three extremely dedicated, multi-disciplinary, individuals 
> about three to five years to complete with the help of a 
> constellation of secondary contributors. I have a rough design 
> sketched out and I'd be happy to post it here but this message 
> is already getting to long.
> This isn't the first time I've asked for help. And to be 
> perfectly honest, I expect the same crickets response I've 
> gotten before, but if you are interested and willing to 
> dedicate yourself. Please let me know.
> I firmly believe that a non-native, cross-platform, UX library 
> will open D up to a whole new market of users that are 
> desperate for something better than what they have now.


Some of us are unhappy with the situation and created a Working 
Group towards that more or less same goals

Anyone can make proposals and vote there.
Disagreement is exposed (reified) and process, requirements, and 
vision are 100% modifyable ; if you get the favour of the voting 

It will still take a whole pile of effort (at least 3 man years 
at the very least), but it seems all the scraps and pieces are 
there in some D code form already, and getting to agree on things 
is imho the limiting factor. It turns out it's a controversial 
and intricated domain.

The workgroup is composed of mainly "bottom-up" library writers 
people  and it will be great to have more "top-down" people with 
an UX vision - this vision will have to be sold to others.

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