DIP 1018--The Copy Constructor--Community Review Round 1

Dru Dru at notreal.com
Sat Dec 22 23:26:47 UTC 2018

First I want to say that I hope it gets implemented
Semantic consistency demands it:

B b;
A a = b; //calls this(B) or this(ref B)
A a2 = a; //*should* call this(ref A)

I have a few points:

1) "ref" vs "ref const" dilemma

The user can overload different kinds of copy ctors,
but what is the *default* copy ctor ?
I think the default copy ctor should be "ref const"
- "ref const" is safer and fits most cases
- "ref" has priority over "ref const" so the user can simply 
and his "ref" ctor will be used instead of the default

2) "Generating copy constructors"

Should the user care when a constructor is "generated" if 
semantics are consistent ?
May just say there is *always* a default copy ctor that can be 
overriden by the user.
The implementation of default ctor can change and use memcpy as 

3) Not very related but maybe also needs a fix:
I noticed that init to rvalue of a different type is weird right 
A a1 = b; //calls this(ref B)
A a2 = B(); //does not call this(ref B)

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