It is the year 2020: why should I use / learn D?

JN 666total at
Sat Nov 24 19:41:37 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 24 November 2018 at 17:37:36 UTC, H. S. Teoh wrote:
> Even though Walter and Andrei serve as BDFL and visionary 
> leaders, they can no more order any of us to do anything than a 
> random stranger from the street can dictate to you how you 
> ought to spend your free time. They can't just "use our 
> resources" however they want, because this isn't a top-down 
> organization where the higher ups assign tasks to the lower 
> downs. This is a gathering of like-minded peers who contribute 
> as equals according to their interest and capacity because they 
> believe in the product.

The Vision document is overdue 
( - "This document discusses 
the high-level vision for D with semestrial granularity. It is 
released in January and July of each year. Note that the goals 
presented are those the D leadership works on, explicitly 
fosters, or strongly believes are important for the success of 
the D language"). I'm sure more people would contribute if the 
vision and goals were better defined.

Imagine someone has a great idea for improving the GC. But they 
aren't certain if GC is going to stay in D for the future. 
Perhaps it will transition towards reference counting, Rust-like 
solution or manual memory management. Without design and vision, 
you might scare away contributors, because they don't want to put 
any larger effort into something that would get thrown into trash 
few months down the road.

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