How do people feel about putting source compiler directives inside rdmd?

aliak something at
Tue Dec 3 18:30:33 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 3 December 2019 at 16:33:32 UTC, Petar Kirov 
[ZombineDev] wrote:
> Dub is supposed to cache every build artifact, but for some 
> reason the `isUpToDate` function returns `false` for a 
> single-file package I am testing with.
> BTW, on what OS and hardware are you testing?
> I am on Linux with an SSD, so this may explain why I get faster 
> results than you.

I'm on this year's macbook pro with catalina (latest macOS), ssd 
as well.

> Dub has everything necessary to reach execution time parity up 
> +/- 5% with rdmd.
> The dependency checking is relatively fast for me, but if 
> necessary that can be easily disabled, using the 
> `--skip-registry` option.
> If it's not already like that IMO dub shouldn't check for 
> updates for single-file packages. For projects with 
> dub.selections.json AFAIK it doesn't check for updates if 
> dub.selection.json contains the versions of transitive 
> dependencies and they had already been fetched.
> I'll look into the problem with Dub's `isUpToDate`.

Cool! I think if that's all it is then even a 1 sec initial run 
is not horrible.

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