DIP 1022---foreach auto ref---Final Review

Mike Parker aldacron at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 14:35:19 UTC 2019

I've marked the DIP as Postponed:


And so that there are no misunderstandings for anyone following 
the thread, Walter doesn't need permission to Postpone the DIP. 
We could have completed the Final Review, sent it to him and 
Atila, and they could have said, "Let's wait". But they also 
could have rejected it outright. Not saying they would have, but 
they could have. The whole point of postponing it now is that we 
freeze the process in its tracks and avoid sending it for a final 
verdict for now. It's best to have the DIP author's consent, 

Postponed DIPs may be revived at any time. Given that some time 
will have elapsed, it's a good idea to pick up the interrupted 
review again to make sure it's on par with any language changes 
that came in the interim. In this case, since we're in the Final 
Review, we would only repeat that if there were no or minimal 
revisions to the DIP. Otherwise, we'd either go back to the 
Community Review round or, if a complete rewrite were necessary, 
possibly terminate the DIP and go back to the Draft Review with a 
new one.

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