D code length vs other languages

Paolo Invernizzi paolo.invernizzi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 08:47:59 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 5 December 2019 at 22:28:53 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
> On Thursday, 5 December 2019 at 22:21:13 UTC, Walter Bright 
> wrote:
>> D being about a third less code than C++ is consistent with my 
>> unscientific experience with it.
> Indeed, I actually frequently do even less. A lot of repetition 
> in other languages I find myself able to automate pretty well 
> in D. Whole blocks of 1,000 lines of glue code in other 
> languages can be replaced with 30 lines of CT reflection stuff.

Yesterday happened to me to translate a modest size python script 
into D, to incorporate it in a product, and it was a pleasant 

The port was really really easy ... but I'm starting to miss list 
comprehension ...

Anyway, point taken!

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