DIP 1024---Shared Atomics---Final Review

Petar Petar
Tue Dec 10 15:29:09 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 10 December 2019 at 12:16:29 UTC, RazvanN wrote:
> On Sunday, 8 December 2019 at 16:25:21 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> I think that it should be stated somewhere that the DIP makes 
> shared unusable in betterC code.

-betterC restricts only features that require druntime or phobos 
to be linked. If one is using templates and those templates don't 
use such features (but can call other template functions) it's 
not a problem since the templates would be instantiated in the 
user's object files and the linker won't try to find them in the 
druntime/phobos libraries.

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