Advent of bugfixes

Timon Gehr timon.gehr at
Mon Dec 23 18:10:01 UTC 2019

On 23.12.19 16:21, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
> On 12/23/19 7:02 AM, Timon Gehr wrote:
>> On 23.12.19 08:29, berni44 wrote:
>>> 22. day: 4 bugs were removed (issues 7737, 17232, 17597, 19564)
>> Both of my issues you have attempted to close should not have been. 
>> Please stop the vandalism. I hope you have not been closing other 
>> issues that should have stayed open, but it appears your judgement can 
>> be rather biased towards closing issues. Probably someone should go 
>> over all the closed issues and make sure we are not losing anything of 
>> value.
> I feel there is no reason to take offense

I am not offended, just a little annoyed about the demonstrated 
carelessness, which I feel could be easily fixed by a slight change of 
underlying values. Bugs are bad, bug reports are good. Make sure the set 
of valid reported issues is the set of open issues instead of closing as 
many issues as you can get away with. Basically, summarizing the work 
achieved as a number of removed issues gives the OP perverse incentives. 
Instead, he could report both reproduced issues and closed issues.

> or consider this "vandalism". 

The definition applies pretty well. Issues are valuable. This is why 
Walter thanks people publicly for reporting them. I am just asking the 
OP to be a bit more careful about dismissing other people's work on 
those issues as "invalid". Basically, someone actually took the time to 
report an issue (not everyone does!), and it is not very respectful to 
simply move the issue to the trash can without even reading the 
discussion that already took place and without using a quick Google 
search to validate that one's understanding of the involved terminology 
is accurate.

> If an issue is not touched in a long time (years even), closing it can 
> be a valid resolution. He's closed bugs of mine from over 10 years ago, 
> that I completely forgot about, and don't care about any more.

Ideally, issues should be closed after they are fixed, and not when the 
original reporter stops caring about them. I don't care deeply about 
each and every issue I report (I usually can find workarounds), but I 
report them anyway to help improve the quality of D.

> If I want 
> them to remain open, I'll reopen. At the very least, it forces people to 
> reconsider the issue instead of ignoring it. There is very little harm 
> in closing and reopening an issue.
> ...

Not everyone will reopen, as some people have moved on from D or don't 
feel like fighting for their (potentially trivial) issues.

> I'd rather have 10 stale issues closed and one relevant one incorrectly 
> closed (that I reopen) than leave all the stale issues.
> -Steve

The amount of time I have spent defending my own bug reports does not 
compare at all to the amount of value provided through this effort to my 
own bug reports. I'm glad your experience has been different.

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