How to configure D autocompletion in Vim?

user7892 user7892 at
Thu Dec 26 18:59:16 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 26 December 2019 at 18:38:23 UTC, p.shkadzko wrote:
> I'd like to set up autocompletion in Vim akin to VS Code 
> "code-d" plugin which uses DCD server for completion. According 
> to, one can use dutyl plugin 
> for this purpose. I have installed the plugin as well as 
> dcd-server/client, Dscanner and dfmt, everything that was 
> mentioned in dutyl README. However, after starting the server 
> and working on a D script I am not getting any autocompletion 
> results.
> Moreover, I simply don't know how to invoke dutyl 
> autocompletion. Although looking into the plugin source code, I 
> believe autocompletion should just work once you type "." or 
> parenthesis. It does not. This is how my .vimrc set for dutyl:
> let g:dutyl_stdImportPaths=['/usr/bin/dmd']
> let g:dutyl_dontUseVimProc=1
> If would be great if some D Vimers shared their setup or gave 
> and advice on how to configure D autocompletion in Vim.

do you get something after

     `void main(){ int.`

?. This invokes builtin completions but generally DCD needs to 
know a few root paths to D libraries. So if the sample I give you 
works then you must certainly configure dcd so that it knows 
phobos sources path and druntime sources path.

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