does D already have too many language features ?

GreatSam4sure greatsam4sure at
Mon Dec 30 23:59:27 UTC 2019

On Monday, 8 April 2019 at 09:46:06 UTC, adam77 wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I started using D as an alternative to Java, what attracted me 
> to D was the robust memory management (including the way arrays 
> are handled), and interoperability with C (specifically 
> libraries) so far so good, but almost every language out there 
> (maybe with the exception of C) seems the eschew language 
> stability in favour of adopting whatever the latest fad is in 
> programming languages features. I see on forums for a number of 
> languages how features like lambda's or auto properties are 
> essential to their language or if they are missing some feature 
> how it is a major detriment to the language. I sometimes wonder 
> how a Turing machine could ever manage...
> I'd be interested to hear other peoples opinion, does the 
> language has enough features? is it already overloaded with 
> features?
> Any help will be appreciated!

The features set of D is perfect. It makes D the mother of 
language IMHO.
What I think the community is should focus on is:
(1)My D app file size should be base on the feature uses. D 
should be modularized just like the current java 13
(2)Each feature should be fully baked. I mean it should it up to 
its purpose.

With more effort D could use all java, C#, Python, C++ in 
addition to C libraries. This is huge for D. I think of D as one 
language to rule them all

Let nobody move the motion of removing from D it is not to the 
advantage of D at all.

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