Drason Chow drasonchow at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 20:36:11 UTC 2019

Hey everyone! I'm a bit new to the D community but I've kinda 
fallen in love with the language.

Currently and sophomore undergrad studying Intelligent Systems 
(focus on robotics and automation). Work quite bit with real-time 
applications. Most of my current work uses sensors and systems to 
study and model human and animal behaviors.

We're working on building haptic devices that can render forces. 
I've found myself having to use more C++ than savory. We 
prototype a lot in Python and it can be really tedious to 
translate our prototypes to C++. Got a feel for Mir and D in 
general and it feels great! I'd love to help flesh it out in this 

Would love to do some sort of GSoC project with the community 
going into 2020. I really liked the hardmetal D project from 2019 
and the ROS proposal in 2018 (though looks like that one was 

I'm wondering what I can do to get started towards it. I 
currently operate a couple GitHub accounts (one for my lab and 
one personal that I fork stuff I work on from other accounts as 
well as put personal projects). I heard that maybe I should start 
a blog (was already working it actually :P)? If anyone could 
provide some guidance it'd be great.

Thanks for responses!

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