Can we just have struct inheritence already?

Era Scarecrow rtcvb32 at
Tue Jul 2 05:05:30 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 2 July 2019 at 04:54:07 UTC, Era Scarecrow wrote:
>  1) No Virtual functions. All functions are FINAL (replacing)
>  2) No polymorphism.
>  3) Limited casting (Casting up/back is easier than casting

  And looking at my old notes... Might make it where the data size 
can't change.

  This crypto stuff used to work in 10/2012, or with DMD 2.060

 From the polymorph.d
   auto crypto = PolyCryptoBase.factory("CryptoROT13");
   crypto.setString("(Whfg n yvggyr pelcgb grfg)");
   assert( == "(Just a little crypto test)");

Here's a crypto example of the actual structs

/** This is not intended as a serious crypto library, just enough 
to test several factors to ensure the polymorphic
     nature is being done. As other items need to be tested this 
crypto will be improved to handle those tests.*/
struct PolyCryptoBase {
     ///Enum, _prefix and _types don't exist until this calls.
     mixin(expandTypes("Data", "Poly_", 

     struct Data {
         Enum polyMorphType; ///
         string original; ///
         char[] crypted;    ///mutable copy
     Data data; ///

     ///Seems opCmp opEquals and similar functions go in the poly 
base. That's livable.
     ///if not, forward reference to Poly_opCmp

     mixin PolyMorphicCompare!(PolyCryptoBase);
     mixin PolyMorphic!("smartmerged.polymorphicstruct_crypto", 
PolyCryptoBase, Data, "data"); ///

struct CryptoBase {
     mixin PolyMorphicInclude!(PolyCryptoBase); ///

     ///Seems opCmp opEquals and similar functions go in the poly 
base. That's livable.
     ///if not, forward reference to Poly_opCmp
     int Poly_opCmp(ref const PolyCryptoBase rhs) const {
         return data.original.length -;

     ///if it matches the original string
     bool isCrypted() @property pure @safe nothrow{
         return data.original != data.crypted;

     ///Does basic enciphering, individual letters only
     static void Poly_cipherChar(ref char c) pure @safe nothrow {
         c ^= 127;

     ///set the plaintext (resetting crypted text as well)
     void setString(string input) @property {
         data.original = input;
         data.crypted = input.dup;

     ///encrypt cipher string (which done twice will decrypt it)
     void encipher() @property {
         foreach(ref ch; data.crypted) {

struct CryptoXOR13 {
     mixin PolyMorphicInclude!(PolyCryptoBase);///

     /**non matching signatures, but still compatible
        requires 'static' or const to work, otherwise
        potential for only calling a different version
        may apply making some bugs hard to find.*/
     static void cipherChar(ref char c) pure @safe {
         c ^= 13;

Yeah a little long winded, but it did work as a concept... I can 
share the old full sources if you want.

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