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Progress Update

The past couple of weeks went as expected without any Roadblocks

* groupBy can group a DataFrame based on arbitrary number of 
* groupBy returns a Group structure which supports binary 
* Retrieve single/multiple group as DataFrame.
* Merge two/more Group into a single DataFrame.
* Index operations on DataFrame. An entire column/row is returned 
as Axis the same way Index operation on DataFrame is implemented.
* Display Group on Terminal

Works on DataFrame
* Added short hand data operations which I missed before! \(°^°)/
* Added function to convert index to an operable data column and 
vice versa

What is due this week
This week was mostly reserved for refactor. Mr. Wilson introduced 
me to the beautiful lockstep in range and I worked it in the 
codebase wherever it's necessary.
This week I as adding ways to retrieve data as a Slice and assign 
Slice to DataFrame. This IMHO is important as ndslice is used 
widely and it opens a lot of doors for data computations. A way 
to easily retrieve data as Slice operate on it and assign the 
data back to DataFrame sees valuable. I hope to get the initial 
PR ready by the beginning of next week.

After this will bring Aggregate - on whole Frame/Group on a 
selected column/row of DataFrame or Group, selective operation on 
selective columns/rows.

Future Roadblocks
I can't see any obvious roadblocks but then you never do see them 
coming ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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