Could D have fit Microsoft's needs?

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> The problem is who has control of these things. I've made pull 
> requests to dub, they just sit around and nothing gets done. Very 
> few people have access to actually enact change. Don't say stuff 
> like "you have to do action yourself" cause it's not on me or 
> anyone else. There's hundreds of pull requests for DMD and DUB 
> combined. There's only so much people can do when pull requests 
> sit idle for months/years, especially worse when there's no 
> responding. When something somewhat default appears, no one on 
> the D team is willing to do anything about it. They all look to 
> Walter, and Walter is usually to busy doing something else so he 
> never gets around to it. But yah, a very naive thing to say 
> considering the current state of how things are managed with the 
> project. God bless Seb for having enhanced permission status ^TM.

Go and Rust got this right from the very outset – make the standard library as
small as possible and have everything else provided through user
packages/crates. Go only got this partly right in that there was no central
repository, just DVCS packages. Rust got this very right in that it has a
central repository and Cargo can use DVCS crates and even local file crates.
This creates a vibrant community with some competition (which has bad as well
as good sides to it).

I am sure Dub can do for D most of the things Cargo does for Rust, but the
crucial difference is Phobos in D vs std in Rust. Phobos is driven by the
"batteries included" philosophy which is a philosophy past it's time. Python
and C++ are also failing to come to terms with this.

What D needs is to rip everything out of Phobos that is not actually needed
for the compiler to compile code and put it into the Dub repository as
separate packages – this is what the Rust team did, and it was the right thing
to do.

If this means creating D v3, then that seems like a really good thing to do.

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