Could D have fit Microsoft's needs?

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Tue Jul 23 13:45:47 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at 11:10:32 UTC, drug wrote:
> 23.07.2019 13:31, greatsam4sure пишет:

> This is because people who think that D is a suitable language 
> for their needs have no time to write posts just for fun 
> because they are busy writing their products using D.
> Interestingly that big part of posts that criticize D is 
> written unknown people who has several posts if not single one.

(all names and events are fictitious)

Walter: Now you choose your Language. This you must feel inside. 
If it also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have 
one chance, Jake.
Jake: How will I know if it chooses me?
Walter: It will try to kill you.
Jake: [after a brief pause] Outstanding...

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