There's a problem in the D economic system

Mike Parker aldacron at
Wed Jul 24 09:31:19 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at 09:23:04 UTC, ketmar wrote:
> that's exactly why those "legal entities" are completely 
> useless. so, there is D Foundation, and it cannot even use its 
> money the ways it wants for D without asking approval of Big 
> Brother. meh. if this doesn't define "useless", i don't know 
> what will do.

Hardly. No one has to ask permission. But money can't just be 
thrown around willy-nilly without raising the appearance of fraud.

If anyone has the time and is willing to work on contract for 
less-than-market pay, I'm sure something than be arranged. And if 
anyone wants to raise money for a specific issue or project, that 
can be arranged to as long as we announce it publicly before 
anyone undertakes it.

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