Re: There's a problem in the D economic system

ketmar ketmar at
Wed Jul 24 10:06:01 UTC 2019

Walter Bright wrote:

> On 7/24/2019 2:33 AM, ketmar wrote:
>> that is called "asking a permission". if there is anybody to whom 
>> somebody else has to explain how and why his money spent, that is called 
>> "asking a permission to spend money".
> The Foundation uses a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for advice and 
> for handling the accounting. We follow the CPA's advice to ensure we are 
> following the law and doing things by the book.

and i am not trying to say that you're doing something wrong, or vile, or 
something like that. i am only trying to say that is a legal entity cannot 
even use its own money without Big Brother approval, then there is little 
sense in being "legal" (whatever that means) at all.

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