D enters Tiobe top 20

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 09:56:09 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 5 November 2019 at 04:00:02 UTC, Mark Rousell wrote:
> The above being so, a quick win for a language that wished to 
> raise its Tiobe ranking and thus its general profile would be 
> for its community to post lots of "course" (i.e. tutorial) 
> videos on YouTube.

That depends on the ranker. Seems like Google is trying to reduce 
the number of hits from the same website. So, with that in mind 
you would be better off getting bloggers on various blogging 
sites to write about it in different languages. See:


If you look at the description of Tiobe it seems like they 
aggregate Google hits from various languages. So the best 
strategy seems to be to game Google's ranker and do it in all the 
languages Tiobe are tracking:

Google.com: 7.69%
Google.com.hk: 5.85%
Google.co.in: 5.23%
Google.co.jp: 4.00%
Google.com.br: 3.69%
Google.de: 3.38%
Google.ru: 2.77%
Google.fr: 2.15%
Google.it: 1.85%
Google.es: 1.54%
Google.cn: 1.23%
Google.com.tw: 0.92%
Google.com.mx: 0.31%

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