Replacement for snprintf

berni44 dlang at
Thu Nov 7 09:24:05 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at 16:54:25 UTC, Andre Pany wrote:
> This question comes late, but did you considered to just do an 
> 1 to 1 translation of snprintf from C to D?

I scanned through the implementation of snprintf several times 
while I wrote the replacement.  I think, the main algorithm is 
quite similar, apart from some speed improvement for numbers 
close to zero, which turned out to be quite nasty in detail (and 
which for now I skipped therefore).

By the way: A 1 to 1 translation would not be something, I could 
do, because my knowledge of C is very little and the algorithm 
contains lot's of calls to functions I do not know, where to look 
them up and how to replace them with D functions.

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