Async-await on stable Rust!

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On Fri, 2019-11-08 at 15:57 +0000, Ola Fosheim Grøstad via Digitalmars-d
> Yeah, but it seems geared towards HPC scenarios and I wonder how 
> their model will hold up when "home computers" move towards many 
> cores with local memory.

Chapel and it's parallelism structures work just fine on a laptop.

> I've got a feeling that some model reminiscent of actor based 
> languages will take over at some point. E.g. something closer to 
> Go and Pony, but with local memory baked in as a design premise.

We were saying that in 1988, my research team and I even created a programming
language, Solve – admittedly active objects rather than actors but in some
ways the two are indistinguishable to most programmers. We even did a couple
of versions of the model based on C++ in the early 1990s: UC++ and KC++. I am
still waiting for people to catch up. I am not holding my breath, obviously.

> Still, it is interesting that we now see pragmatic languages that 
> are designed with parallell computing as a premise. So we now 
> have at least 3 young ones that try to claim parts of this space: 
> Chapel, Go and Pony. And they are all quite different! Which I 
> can't really say about the non-concurrent languages; C++, D and 
> Rust are semantically much closer than Chapel, Go and Pony are.

Chapel and Pony are the interesting ones here. Chapel I believe can get
traction since it is about using declarative abstractions to harness
parallelism on a PGAS model. Pony I fear may be a bit too niche to get
traction but it proves (existence proof) an important point about actors that
previously only Erlang was pushing as an idea.

Go is not uninteresting, exactly the opposite since it is based on processes
and channels, and effectively implements CSP. However far too many people
using Go are failing to harness goroutines properly since they have failed to
learn the lesson that shared memory multi-threading is not the right model for
harnessing parallelism.

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