Crowdfunding campaign for newCTFE

Jacob Shtokolov jacob.100205 at
Sun Nov 10 11:54:25 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

All we know about (or at least heard about) the newCTFE 
initiative started by Stefan Koch. According to his latest status 
updates, the work is still in progress but there are already some 
significant improvements in CTFE performance.

I think this is a very cool feature, especially that the compiler 
now consumes tons of memory to compile everything related to CTFE 
(and sometimes crash).

So, by any chance, is that possible for the D Language Foundation 
to start some crowdfunding campaign for this project? It seems 
that we already had some good examples in the past, collecting 
money for the Forum servers and Code-D/Serve-D IDE extension.

Would it make sense to start another one?


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